Infrared Thermography for Industrial Applications


This special track involves recent industrial applications of Infrared Thermography in Active and Passive configurations. Active Thermography (AT), also called stimulated thermography, is a Non Destructive Technique (NDT) that requires an external excitation source (flash lamps, halogen lamps, laser, electro-magnetic coils) as well as an infrared thermocamera as response sensor. AT is widely used to detect defects, concentrated and distributed, and to generally characterize damaging conditions and residual stress in materials and components. AT may be satisfactorily applied to welded joints, gears, bearings, thermal barrier coatings, AM components, and so on. On the contrary, Passive Termography (PT) doesn’t require an external source, but just an infrared thermocamera to monitor the surface temperature during the time. The thermal contour variation may provide both onset and evolution of classical damaging phenomena as fatigue, wear, etc.