ISIEA 2023 welcomes submissions (see here) for the General Track and for a number of Special Tracks dealing with specific topics. See the call for papers


Industry 4.0 / Industry 5.0

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Construction

Flexible and Human-Centered Manufacturing

Innovative Learning Methods and Learning Factories

Digital Twins and Internet of Things

Additive Manufacturing and Sustainability

Mechanical Design & Optimization

Mechatronics & Automation


Supply Chain Management

Purchasing Management

Sustainable Design in Engineering

User experience and Social Sustainability in Engineering research

SPECIAL TRACKS – For details see the call for papers

Achieving Sustainability through Servitization and Product Service Systems

CHAIRS: Alessandro Annarelli, Fabio Nonino, Cinzia Battistella

Advanced methods, tools and techniques for the industrial valorization of waste

CHAIRS: Leonardo Conti, Lorenzo Fiorineschi, Giuseppe Rossi, Federico Rotini

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing and Industry

CHAIR: Eric Coatanea

Biomanufacturing 4.0

CHAIRS: Paola Serena Ginestra, Antonio Piccininni

Data-Driven Design for Additive Manufacturing

CHAIRS: Serena Graziosi, Tino Stanković

Digital Circular Economy in the Manufacturing Industry

CHAIRS: Gianmarco Bressanelli, Marco Perona, Nicola Saccani

Environmental and circularity assessment of industry digitalization through LCA and other methods

CHAIRS: Rainer Pamminger, Laura Ruiz-Pastor

Evaluating the impact of XR in industry and engineering

CHAIRS: Federico Morosi

Healthcare 5.0

CHAIRS: Elena Pessot, Simone Gitto, Daniele Spoladore, Walter Terkaj

Industry 4.0 in family firms

CHAIRS: Samuel Appleton, Alfredo De Massis, Marco Mismetti, Emanuela Rondi

Organizational evolution in the Industry 5.0 era

CHAIRS: Albachiara Boffelli, Jacopo Colombo, Matteo Kalchschmidt

Smart Sustainable Manufacturing

CHAIRS: Michele Dassisti, Paolo C. Priarone, Concetta Semeraro

Sustainable digitalization and digital sustainability in industry

How the two dimensions can be conjugated to create a more sustainable, resilient and smart society

CHAIRS: Pasqualina Sacco, Elena Rangoni Gargano, Davide Don

Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains

CHAIR: Markku Kuula

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