Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering


The special track welcomes contributions that focus on the use of Artificial Intelligence ( in engineering and the industry. Fields of application include, but are not limited to, prediction of mechanical performances, selection of materials and manufacturing operations, production scheduling, quality inspection. Of particular interest are those contributions that show comparisons between engineering tasks supported by AI and performed by humans. Critical analyses of the support of AI in engineering are also relevant for the special track. As well, the chairs invite authors to submit reviews of AI applications for specific industrial tasks and niche engineering domains. Those papers oriented to the development of the discussion of AI tools and algorithms for engineering applications might consider the following non comprehensive list as a set of illustrative areas of interest. Explainable vs non explainable AI (pro and cons); Safe AI conditions and consequences for dataset collection, bias detection, training and validation; Dataset collection and use of metadata, AI for modelling and simulation or for online control (difficulties and limitations); AI and multi disciplinary optimization; AI vs classical modelling techniques (differences and similarities); Different types of training ( unsupervised, semi supervised, auto supervised, and new training paradigms); AI learning with small and imperfect datasets; Reconstruction techniques for missing data.