Innovative Solutions for Safer and More Sustainable Mobility


Mobility and Transportation of Peoples and Goods are currently responsible for  a relevant part of direct CO2 emission especially in crowded urban areas or logistic nodes. Electrification of road, rail, marine and aerial means of transportation offers the possibility of a drastic reduction of direct emissions and more generally of global emissions if the primary sources adopted to generate electric energy will be renewable. The path for a safer and more sustainable mobility is open since technology of high-performance electric motors and drives is available and still improving. However, a lot of research work must be done to define new ways in which these electrical solutions can be implemented (new vehicle layout, definition of new vehicles etc), and to sustain the technology of storage systems which still represent a fundamental issue as a vector to carry transfer and store the energy both on vehicles and infrastructures. Storages play a key role not only in determining performances, autonomy, and industrial feasibility of vehicles, but also in supporting the exploitation of sustainable but intermittent renewable energy sources. Finally storages are fundamental to stabilize energy distribution systems compensating power fluctuations arising from variability of both sources and loads. So this special session is mainly focused on development of innovative solutions for electrical mobility and to the presentation of new technologies and methodologies able to improve performances, reliability of mobility solutions by accelerating development, testing and assessment of electrical storage solutions.